Communications with investors are given high priority. The Company keeps its institutional shareholders up to date with its business and objectives, and obtains their views on the Company, by means of periodic presentations. Additionally the Company is ready to respond appropriately to particular issues or questions that may be raised by investors. All shareholders are sent the Annual Report and financial statements, the Interim Report and can also elect to receive all press releases, many choosing to receive this information by e-mail.

This website is regularly updated and contains a wide range of information about the Company including the AIM admission document and press releases. The Board views the AGM as an opportunity to communicate with private investors and encourages them to attend. The Board aims to ensure that the Chairman of the Audit and Remuneration Committees is available to answer questions. Shareholders are invited to ask questions and are given the opportunity to meet the Directors informally following the meeting. The Company complies with best practice in ensuring that the Notice of the AGM is dispatched to shareholders at least 20 working days ahead of the meeting.

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