Licence 4/07 incorporates part-blocks 49/11, 49/12, 49/17 and 49/18 immediately south-east of the Kinsale Head Gas field along the axis of the North Celtic Sea Basin. The licence encompasses an area of 542 sq km and Lansdowne holds a 20% interest. This licence contains the Midleton gas discovery and the East Kinsale gas prospect.




  •  Midleton  lies approximately 20 km northeast of the Kinsale Head gas field (c. 1.7 TCF reserves) and also 20km to the east of the Ballycotton gas field (c. 60 bcf reserves).
  • It was drilled by the 49/11-3 well in the summer of 2015.
  • Good quality reservoirs were found in the Greensand and Upper Wealden formations of the Lower Cretaceous.
  • Gas was found in the Greensand, but the volumes were not considered commercial and the well was plugged and abandoned.
  • Post well evaluation studies are continuing and the results will be integrated to assess the impact on the other gas prospects in the portfolio.

East Kinsale Prospect


  • The East Kinsale Prospect area lies some 15 to 20 km to the east of the Kinsale Head Field (c 1.7 TCF reserves) and immediately to the north of the Old Head gas field, established recently by the 49/23-1, 49/23-2 and 49/23-2Z wells.
  • A number of low relief anticlinal closures have been mapped, some of which may form extensions of the Old Head accumulation.
  • A NE -SW trending faulted anticline that may form a separate structure has been labelled the East Kinsale Prospect and this shows evidence of gas escape on seismic.
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