Licence 5/08 incorporates part-blocks 47/25, 48/21 and 48/22 on the north-western flank of the North Celtic Sea Basin. Situated in water depths of c.100 metres, the blocks cover an area of 227 sq kms and are approximately 30km from the south coast of Ireland.

  • Two large structures, Amergin and Eremon, have been mapped at Jurassic level.
  • Mapped on 3D seismic, Amergin is a tilted fault block with dual primary reservoir objectives at Basal Wealden & Basal Upper & Middle Jurassic levels. The Basal Wealden sandstone is a proven reservoir with the Barryroe 48/24-10z appraisal to the south having tested oil at 3514 bopd in March 2012. The primary Jurassic reservoir target tested at a rate of 6,467 bopd in the Gulf Oil 49/9-2 discovery of the Helvick Field in 1983. Secondary reservoir targets may exist in deeper Jurassic (Sinemurian) sandstones and shallower Cretaceous (Wealden) sandstones.
  • Amergin has potential for 739 mmbbls STOIIP / 231 mmbbls recoverable.
  • Another feature, the Eremon structure is a northeast-southwest trending horst block mapped at Jurassic level, the only structure of this type identified on the northern flank of the basin.
  • Lansdowne acquired 489 kms of new 2D seismic data in May 2008 over both the Amergin and Eremon structures and 3D seismic over the Amergin structure in 2011.
  • This data has been processed and interpreted.The new 2011 3D seismic data has resulted in much better imaging of the Amergin structure and has confirmed the prospect as a robust structural closure ready for drilling.

150928 Lansdowne Amergin July 2 2015v1

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